Be sustainable is not an option. It is a compromise.

The Unisold® products are totally sustainable. Guided by innovation and concern for the environment, we develop quality products with standardized measures that avoid waste. In partnership with Braskem, we created the Unisold System.

Plastic bag rolls

Technology and quality

In addition to innovative, Plastic bag rolls have high strength, uniformity in the film and precision highlighted. Designed to prevent defects!

Standardize for satisfy

Elaborated in patterns S, M, L and XL, plastic bag rolls fit perfectly in different necessityes and specificities of each establishment.

Colorful is amazing

The color of tube and of identification label of the boxes change according to the size of plastic bag rolls. This way is easier to find and organize!

Economy + conscious consumption

Produced without print and with print (standard or personalized). In addition of present a clean visual.

Unisold® differential

Practical and easy to handle

Designed for various customers, handling is easy and fast. It does not require any effort!

Unique visual

With a variety of colors, have a simple visual - facilitating the adaptation to the visual of any room.

Sustainable products

Plastic bag rolls, Dispensers and Supports that avoid waste and are made of durable and recyclable materials.

Avoid dirt

Thought not to accumulate dirt, it is rustproof and easy to clean.

Dispensers and Supports

Design transforms

A unique and elegant design not only brings beauty to the environment. It is thought to prevent the accumulation of dirt, oxidation and maintain its beauty, even after a long time of use!

Say no to waste

The dispensers are designed in order to control the sliding of the bags. The plastic bag rolls not rotate too much and the amount of dumped bags does not go beyond what is necessary - prevents the disposal of bags on the floor or counters (preventing visual pollution or falls).

Practical and easy to handle

Manufactured to better attend the customers, the packaging is detached easily and there is no need for further explanation.

Color, beauty, utility

The variety of colors enable combinations to suit the look of each store. Logos can be added (adhesives). The colors are useful to identify the size needed for each area!


Different models of supports that attend the requests of each location and industry. All supports are sustainable. It preserves cleanliness and the local economy.

Sustainability is our key word

We encourage conscious consumption with plastic bag rolls of different sizes.

And projects such as Unisold® Recycling that has produced recycled boards of various waste collected in our companies, for making flower beds, decks, benches and trash cans.


The quality is our guarantee.

Experience, sustainability and excellency are our attributes.

A history of over 30 years, guarantees experience. Excellent products that satisfy various sectors, guarantee quality. A smart company, working with responsibility and innovation, ensures sustainability. All these qualities make the brand Unisold® a guarantee of benefits and economy for your establishment.

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